11.09.2019 • Nicht kategorisiert • Architektura Fachverein der Architekturstudierenden

Please join us for the Demolition Symposium 19 this Wednesday.
We invited six experts to introduce methods of destroying architecture.

18th September, 5 p.m., ETH Zürich, HIB E 52

17:00 [German Lectures]
How to bust a building by Walter Weber
How to cut a building by Robert Brändli
How to destroy a building via media by Verena Hartbaum

18:30 Apéro I

19:00 [English Lectures]
How to hack a building by Sarah Kraynick
How to dissolve a building by Hansueli Schmid
How to legally destroy a building by Dr. Hans R. Schibli

21:00 Apéro II

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