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Es ist soweit – Tatiana Kulminskas Ausstellung „Unsichtbare Architektur“ steht für euch bereit zum Besuch. Sie ist geöffnet ab heute, dem 3. Dezember bis Ende Woche jeweils zwischen 16:00 und 17:00 Uhr im Raum HIL A46. Am Donnerstag dem 6. Dezember um 19:00 erwartet euch ein Apéro der besonderen Art.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Yes, the architecture is essentially visual. Books and architectural reviews are filled with drawings and photos. It is an art that we see, an art to be seen, and if we enter to it, the experience remains essentially, and first of all, a spectacle of vision.
But when we consider space to be an environment for life where each element is important, then we are obliged to represent smell and sound, temperature and the degree of humidity in the air. However, all these elements are invisible. Representation of any senses than the visual is rare and complicated. Diagrams, Db survey have to be translated. While in the visual domain I can always maintain a distance from things, in the realm of sound and smell I am completely enveloped.
These difficulties are nothing new.
But still, why is the scent so absent from created space?

Come, smell and talk…

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