concern can be a multitude of things. That may be a specific worry, related to an incident or circumstance causing unease. It may be something that needs care and consideration, but also any other matter, feeling or wish that should have attention.

What is your concern?

This is an example post. My intent with this post is to raise attention to the studio selection process, of which think it is unfair in its current form. Something I consider to be of broader interest among other students. I added my clear name to this post because I don't have to have any worries concerning my privacy.

, Max Mustermann, FS2023

This is an example post. I am writing this post to share inappropriate behavior of an assistant within the department or a specific studio. I can write this person's name in my submission to raise awareness to the people of trust at Architektura, but it will be rendered unrecognizable and appear as **** in the post. I think this matter is of broader interest among the department, but I don't feel comfortable sharing my name and want to protect my privacy. This is why I put "Anonymous" as name.

Studio E. Example, Anonymous, FS2023